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The beautiful natural wisdom of Jeju, Jejuindi

Spreading the beautiful wisdom of Jeju’s nature, Jejuindi

Jejuindi is a cosmetic brand that strives to connect people
with the benefits of Jeju’s nature and spread beauty around the world.

About Jejuindi

The beautiful natural wisdom of jeju,

At Jejuindi, we cultivate all the plants used as ingredients for our cosmetic products. Our farm is located in eastern Jeju within Ilchulland, one of the most significant ecological parks on the island.

Cultivating our own ingredients requires immense effort, but to provide healthier and safer products, we feel that it is a must. Our farm is filled with camellias, tangerines, and indigos grown by Jeju’s pure sunlight and wind.

Jejuindi promises to provide only the best of Jeju’s nature for your healthy and beautiful life.


[Meaning of Jejuindi]

“Indi” represents the blue shade “indigo” of Polygonum Indigo plant

“Indi” is a short form of "independence" or "independent” as in indie culture which deviates from commercial conformity and pursues pure creativity

The expression for “it’s Jeju” in original Jeju dialect is “Jejuindi”

Jejuindi story

Born in Jeju,
Jejuindi begins from the amazing indigo water
that cured baby’s fragile skin

Kang Choon Il, the current CEO of Jejuindi, was a natural dye specialist who was studying traditional dyeing methods under an Intangible Cultural Heritage title holder. One day, she visited her teacher and saw a group of mothers trying to get indigo water.

“What is that indigo water and why are you giving it to them?”

she asked out of curiosity.



“In the old days, indigo water was used for treatment of skin troubles. Indigo’s cold nature eases redness and itching, so ancestors applied indigo water to bee stings, rashes, and other various wounds to cure these conditions,” replied the teacher.

The mothers who heard similar stories had come to get this traditional remedy for their children’s eczema. Kang’s own child also suffered from eczema, so she knew how it feels to have a child who scratches all night, not being able to sleep, and how painful it is to look at the wounds the next morning. She began making indigo water from the Polygonum Indigo plants she was growing and applied it to her child’s skin. This was the beginning of Jejuindi.
After applying indigo water, her child began to sleep peacefully at night, and skin cleared visibly. Kang became certain that indigo water has remedial effects on eczema, and began to study indigo water. The research revealed that indigo water has long been used for skin conditions such as rashes. In Dongui Bogam, the Chosun Dynasty book on medicines that served as the ultimate medical guide for centuries, it is recorded that indigo water relieves stress and soothes fever or hotness. Kang continued her research with other experts.
Her passion about indigo did not stop with researching. She opened a farm to safely cultivate and harvest the best indigos. Now the farm not only houses indigos but all the herbs and flowers used for Jeju Indi products. All the plants in Jeju Indi farm are grown and harvested with delicate care so only the best ingredients can be used to produce Jejuindi products for healty and beautiful skin.

Kang Choon Il,
Indigo Dyeing specialist / CEO of Jejuindi


We make something that is beneficial to man from the nature of Jeju.

2015 ● Agricultural corporation Jejuindi established
● “Indinature” brand registration
● Patent registration on “cosmetics ingredient containing Polygonum Indigo extract”
● Officially registered as female-owned corporation
● Launched babycare product line “Indi Bebe”
● Officially registered as venture corporation
2016 ● Indi Bebe began sales in Jeju Tourism Organization Duty Free Shop
● “Indinature 25” brand registration
● “Indi Bebe 03”, “Jejuindi 03” brand registration
● Baby bodywash, shampoo, and body lotion certified as Jeju cosmetics
● Launched babycare product line “Indi Bebe”
2017 ● Certified as Agricultural Convergence Business by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
2018 ● Began sales in Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Duty Free Shop
● “PORTULACAHEBA (03)” brand registration [40-1325201]
● “Jejuindi” China brand registration [21097497]
● Established company laboratory [2018110321]
● Indigo image design registration [40-1330152]
● “INDIBEBE” brand transfer registration [China]
● Participated in the 6th Outstanding Commercialization Business Fair
● Export Consultation Fair with Octa members [Convention] Jeju Business Agency
● “JEJUINDINATURE” China brand registration
● Began sales in JDC Jeju Airport Duty Free Shop
● Launched indigo mask, Poly Indigo Moist Gel Cream, Camellia Vital Rich Cream
● Portulaca Heba Soothing Cream certified by CFDA
2019 ● Export Consultation Fair at Jeju Techno Park
● Participated in Vietnam Hanoi Expo [aided by Korea SMEs and Startups Agency]
● Southeast Asia Celebrity Meeting [Ramada Hotel]
● Jeju-Vietnam MOU product exhibition [Jeju Provincial Government]
● 2019 6th Outstanding Commercialization Business Fair
● The 24th China Beauty Expo 2019 [Shanghai]
● Buyer Consultation Fair [Korea International Trade Association, held at Jeju Business Agency]
● LOHAS Exhibition [Jeju Convention Center]
2020 ● Selected as the “Star Product Company” of Jeju
● Opened store in Lotte Duty Free Jeju
● Launched 4 new products including Poly Indigo Moisture Bubble Serum
● Selected as IP Star Company
● Registered foreign trademark in 8 countries (JEJUINDI, INDIBEBE)

Certificate of Patent



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